We present to your attention a completely new author's musical-show BLACK X WHITE. Black and white are not skin colors, they are accepted opposites both in the inner world of a person and in his attitude to the outside world. The main aspect of the musical is to be confident in yourself and not go into the zone of faceless gray.

The musical consists of 14 song-scenes, the content of which reflects various problems of young people, internal contradictions and their desire for self-affirmation.

Beautiful original songs written specifically for this musical, an original stage with huge LED screens and original mapping, stylish choreography and powerful voices from a wide range of main performers - all this will not leave anyone indifferent in the hall!


In one of the cities of Europe there live twin sisters, who were named at birth X Black and X White, since they were born with different hair colors and their parents decided that they should complement each other with opposites like the letter X. The girls grew up with different characters and views on the world around them. Using their example in songs, we decided to present the problems of modern youth in our difficult world, so that everyone could see a part of themselves and their problems and, thanks to the content of these songs, become a little better and more confident!



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